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  1. Hi, I'm about to buy a frenchie, i have pictures and would like your opinion on him. Is there anyway you can help me out?

  2. At what age is a male and female appropriate to breed? I've heard different things but would like a definite answer. email is thank you your site is also very helpful.

    THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT the stud dog named below was bred to the bitch named
    below on the date(s) listed:
    Date(s) of
    Breeding witnessed
    1. The fee for this service is either:
    a. Cash fee of $_________, to be paid in full in advance, or $__________ in advance and
    balance on or before____________________________________________________.
    b. Payment in the form of_____________________________________________ any
    time before puppies are 9 weeks old.
    2. At least one puppy whelped dead or alive is to constitute a litter, but puppy fee option
    may be refused by owner of the bitch and the cash fee paid instead in the event of the
    birth of only one puppy.
    3. In the event of no pregnancy resulting from this service, a free return service shall be
    provided to the same bitch by the same stud dog, if available. If the same stud is not
    available, the owner of the bitch shall have the choice of other studs owned by
    4. __________________, will sign the Litter Registration Application upon evidence that
    proper procedure is being followed, but not before payment of cash fee or before puppies
    are 10 days old.
    5. No puppy resulting from the above breeding shall be sold to a dog dealer, pet shop, or
    agent of either. Names and addresses of buyers of all puppies resulting from the above
    breeding shall be provided to stud owner. Buyers of puppies resulting from the above
    breeding shall be required to sign a written agreement that they in turn:
    a. Will not sell said puppies or their offspring to a pet shop, dealer, or agent of either
    b. Will not breed any female purchased from the litter resulting from the above breeding
    before she is 24 months old, or without certification that she is free of hip dysplasia, eye
    diseases, sebaceous adenitis, vWD, and thyroid antibodies.
    c. Any male to whom a female from the litter is bred, or any male from the litter, if used
    for breeding, will first be certified free of the above diseases listed in b..
    It is recommended that the sales agreement used in the disposition of the puppies
    resulting from this breeding also make the same requirement with regard to certification
    of ophthalmologic normality where the availability of a qualified canine specialist makes
    this possible.
    ACCEPTED AND AGREED:________________________________Owner of stud dog
    _________________________________Owner of bitch