Training Your Frenchie


Patience is the key to success with your Frenchie. They are very smart, but very stubborn. You need to out smart them. I love my frenchies dearly and there are times that I want to blow a gasket because they sometimes have selective listening. They all have a very unique personality and I love that about them, but it can make you a little crazy sometimes. I do not use punishment. I don't believe in it and frankly it does not work; especially with this breed. I use positive reinforcement. There is a book that I originally got to train for show, but it has been a blessing for every aspect for training this breed. The response I get is just amazing. The book is "Positive Training for Show Dogs, Building a Relationship for Success" by Vicki Ronchette.
Please try it and if you ever have any questions you can always ask me by emailing me at: or call me at (315)730-0777 

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